Requesting a WeCAB Ride

WeCAB is a supplemental transportation service.  People are strongly encouraged to first contact local area transportation providers listed below:

SmartLink  952-496-8341   Ext. 2
Metro Transit  612-373-3333
MetroMobility 651-602-1111
SouthWest Transit  952-SWPrime (952-797-7463)
Transit Link  651-602-Link (5465)

“We are 80 and only able to get to my brother 2 or 3 times a month, as it’s a two hour trip for us to help him out. We so appreciate the WeCAB services and all the wonderful people that volunteer their time.” ~PH  

Rider Registration

WeCAB Board of Director Pastor Barbara Hosmer and Eastern Carver County Rider Registrar Jackie Engel.

Pastor Barbara Hosmer and WeCAB Carver County Rider Registrar Jackie Engel

If you would like to use WeCAB, please call 1-844-743-3932, leave a message that you would like to register with WeCAB’s supplemental transportation service and leave your phone number.

After you leave a message, a WeCAB volunteer will contact you within a week to make plans to meet with you in your home for approximately one-half hour, explain the program and register you with WeCAB. You must be registered with the WeCAB program to request rides.

After you are registered (signed-up), simply call the WeCAB phone number below at least 24-hours in advance to make a reservation. It’s really simple!

Call 1-844-743-3932
Press #1 for Westonka or Press #2 for Carver County, then

Press #1 to schedule a ride
Press #2 to register to be a new rider
Press #3 to register to be a volunteer driver

How Much Does It Cost to Use WeCAB?

All riders are encouraged to contribute! Without contributions, WeCAB cannot provide rides. All rides are provided by volunteer drivers who use their personal vehicles and who have passed a background check.

WeCAB serves all adults, 18+ years old, and who are registered WeCAB riders. WeCAB does not deny rides to those individuals who cannot contribute.

Suggested contributions below are for one-way rides and are based on the number of miles traveled from your pick-up location to your destination.

1-10 miles     $2.50
10-20 miles   $5.00
20-30 miles   $7.50
>30 miles    $10.00

Once a month, WeCAB riders are sent a contribution invoice with the suggested contribution based on the above and for their use of WeCAB’s services in the previous month.

WeCAB volunteer drivers are not paid and do not accept money from riders.  If riders wish to make a donation above and beyond what the above suggests, riders can enclose the donation with the monthly contribution.

How Registered WeCAB Riders Request A Ride

WeCAB Carver County

WeCAB Rider Tammi and son Robert from Chanhassen

WeCAB provides rides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, depending on volunteer driver availability.

Call 1-844-743-3932 and select:

#1 for the WeCAB Westonka Service Area*

#2 for the WeCAB Carver County Service Area*

Hours that a rider may call and request a ride: 9am – 1pm Monday through Friday (except Holidays)

Clearly provide the WeCAB Dispatcher or answering service the following information:

  • Your Name
  • The address from where you want to be picked up, e.g., your home or another address
  • The time you want to be picked up
  • The address of the location to where you are going
  • The length of time you will be at the location
  • The time you want to be picked up from the location


What is a Service Area?*

A WeCAB Service Area is a defined area where riders live.  Currently WeCAB has two chapter service areas. They are:

WeCAB Westonka Service Area, which primarily serves the cities of: 

  •    Maple Plain
  •    Minnetrista
  •    Mound
  •    Saint Bonifacius
  •    Navarre
  •    Spring Park

WeCAB Carver County Service Area, which primarily serves the cities of:

  • Carver
  • Chanhassen
  • Chaska
  • Victoria

WeCAB provides rides, regardless of service area, to ALL Ridgeview Medical Center locations. Depending on Driver Availability, WeCAB will provide rides to places outside of their primary service areas.

How will a Rider Know if WeCAB Can Provide a Ride?

When a volunteer driver agrees to provide a ride, the rider will be called by the Dispatcher or the message service and be provided the first name of the driver and the time the driver will pick up the rider.

To Cancel a Ride

If a rider needs to cancel a ride, call 1-844-743-3932 and select either #1 or #2 and state the reason the ride is no longer needed.

A rider must cancel a ride by 10:30am the day prior to a requested ride and by 10:30am Friday, for a ride scheduled for the upcoming weekend and following Monday.