Contribute to WeCAB Today!

There are TWO really great ways to help your neighbor and WeCAB:

  1. Become a Volunteer.
  1. Contribute dollars.

“When I was dispatching last week, a City of Carver rider told me where he needed to go and then his comment to me was: ‘You guys are my heroes!’ I’m not convinced that we’re ‘heroes’ but we certainly try to meet some of the transportation needs in Carver County. His tribute was heartfelt.” -Mary Hershberger Thun

Become a Volunteer

Go to the Volunteer Page and join the WeCAB volunteers by providing transportation services to people in your City, adjoining Cities or County.  WeCAB is really “neighbors helping neighbors”! Volunteering for WeCAB is arguably the most flexible volunteer opportunity around!  Be a part of your community.

Contribute Dollars

WeCAB is always thankful for donations and is fortunate to have some key and important organizations supporting WeCAB. They include:

Ridgeview Medical Center
The Cities of Carver, Chaska, Spring Park and Victoria
SouthWest Transit
Presbyterian Homes
Chaska Lions & Victoria Lions
Rotary Clubs: Chanhassen, Chaska and Westonka
1st Presbyterian Church

Funds are always needed to support the WeCAB services and expenses.  Those expenses include:

  • Reimbursing mileage for WeCAB’s Volunteer Drivers, if requested
  • Office Support, including office mailings, support, finance responsibilities
  • Minimal Staff (part-time Office and Bookkeeper staff)
  • Volunteer Training Materials and support
  • Policy and Instructional Manuals
  • Office Rent and Technology
  • Web Site Ongoing Support
  • Marketing/Publicity Materials including brochures


“Registered WeCAB rider B. called WeCAB and said she wanted to vote. Unfortunately, the rider didn’t know where she voted.  The WeCAB dispatcher called the rider’s City Offices, provided the rider’s address, and obtained the correct voting location.  The WeCAB dispatcher then called B. and told her where the driver would take her on voting day.  B. was so thankful that WeCAB figured out where she could vote and provide a ride.  “Thank you so much; I really wanted to vote!” B. told the WeCAB dispatcher.

Ten Huge Reasons to Support WeCAB!

WeCAB needs a lot of support to be successful. Here are some, among many, noteworthy reasons to direct funds to support the WeCAB program:

  1. WeCAB is a program that supports community stability. It’s Neighbors helping Neighbors.
  2. WeCAB’s transportation supports local businesses and encourages residents to shop and do business in their own community.
  3. WeCAB encourages independence on the part of individuals who might otherwise need to move from their place of residence.
  4. WeCAB can make a difference in people’s lives by creating a safety net in times of personal difficulty.
  5. WeCAB provides personal transportation services to people who are undergoing medical care challenges and facing difficult medical procedures.
  6. WeCAB supports families when they are not always available to provide transportation for a needy family member.
  7. WeCAB provides transportation to worship services that in turn provides another avenue of connection to people who might feel alone or abandoned.
  8. WeCAB provides educational and artistic opportunities by providing transportation to libraries, school and other educational opportunities.
  9. WeCAB helps riders have an opportunity to grocery shop or visit local food shelves.
  10. WeCAB is “people helping people” on a very personal level.

How To Contribute

WeCAB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization; contributions are tax deductible!

Your dollars make it possible for WeCAB to continue our award winning service of providing rides to people who otherwise do not have easy access to medical appointments and other community activities.

Donate by Personal Check
If you choose, please designate the amount you are donating and make your check payable to either WeCAB Mound Westonka or to WeCAB Carver County. Regardless of designation, checks can be mailed to

5341 Maywood Road
Mound, MN  55364

Pay online via PayPal, Debit Card or Credit Card
You don’t need a PayPal account to donate via Credit or Debit Card.